Kek Jing Wei

Established in 2002, OYES ADVERTISING, has been dedicated to providing one-stop integrated
services in the design, printing & advertising solutions for a wide range of companies with different business.

Since 1986 we established a partnership advertising company, our products were only signboard and traditional banner. Now, our service covers large and small advertising items, design and print, outdoor media and printing solutions. We have all the expertise needed to set the highest standards for our partners in strategic communication and keep companies ahead of the competition and we're still expanding our range. Oyes Advertising offers a wide range of printing services with
excellent customer service and high quality of printing works. We always strive to provide high
quality products which will deliver maximum benefits to customers.

To be an advertising service provider

Cooperation and sharing, so that good employees and customer
do not get the short end of the stick


◻️ Customers first, employees second, shareholders third If not now, when? If not me, who?
◻️ Today’s best performance is tomorrow’s baseline
◻️ Trust makes everything simple
◻️ Change is the only constant
◻️ Live seriously, work happily
◻️ Well-meaning people get together to do meaningful things

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